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Darlene A. Anderson


As a Motivational Speaker & Mistress of Ceremonies, Darlene A. Anderson ignites the room with an energetic spirit and candid demeanor, which captivates many-the very moment she steps to the podium.


In this same manner, Anderson provides individual consultation, workshops, and facilitates conferences specific to personal and professional development, with a concentration on short and long term goal planning, leadership and group dynamics.


Anderson has worked with various community, city, state and federal agencies within New York and beyond; however, with twenty years of professional experience in social services she has an extraordinary skill-set in motivating and producing positive outcomes of the following populations:

Middle/High School, College and Vocational Students
At Risk Youth (Community, Residential and Incarcerated)
Incarcerated / Formerly Incarcerated Men & Women
Disadvantaged Populations (Housing, Education, Entitlements, Employment)

Additional Services & Affiliations

Personal & Professional Coaching/Consulting

•Entrepreneurial Events

•Life Events

•Department of Education Certified Vendor

•Self-Direction Start-Up/ Support Broker, NYS  

Event Speaking Concentrations






*Commencement Ceremonies  

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