Darlene's Utopia


Darlene A. Anderson is an independent Self-Direction Starter & Support Broker In New York State

Through Self-Direction services, persons with developmental disabilities who are registered to receive services via New York State's Office of People with Developmental Disabilities and desire to be more independent may request increased services and supportive staff under the facilitation of a Starter/Support Broker.
Services - Start-Up Broker 
*Assists with person centered planning
*Supports the individual in the composition of the self-directed plan
*Offers technical support to participant to develop plan and budget
*Finalizes CSS Plan/Budget document
*Educates and supports individual, family and Circle of Support (COS) to understand responsibilities in self-direction

Services - Support Broker
*Promotes the implementation and maintenance of self-directed plan
*Teaches and assist individual, family, and Circle of Support to understand responsibilities in self-direction
*Provides support and in modifications to plan and budget as requested 

Registered Fiscal Intermediaries

Darlene A. Anderson is registered as an Independent Broker with the following New York City and State Fiscal Intermediary Agencies:

Hand In Hand Family Services

Resource Center For Independent Living

Person Center Care Services

A Very Special Place

Halo Network Inc.

Metropolitan Development Center 

Center For Family Services 

Eoc Suffolk County 


For more information inquire by calling 1.888.827.6055 or email info@darlensutopia.com