"Have you ever felt like…no matter how hard you’ve tried…no matter how often you’ve tried…you couldn’t win…for always losing? Marriage, relationships, children, family, finances, work—the list goes on and on. You can’t seem to ever get it right, and are often left with that lingering feeling of doubt, wondering why should I even attempt any further? If you have experienced this feeling, this book is for you. "Not Without A Fight: 10 Ways To Win When It Appears You’ve Already Lost", delivers transparency, resilience, strength, and practical measures that will encourage you to stay in the ring and fight a few more rounds. You will feel rejuvenated and encouraged to continue as you affirm your winning moments are a breath away.

As you read this book and reflect on your challenges in life, it is my hope that you will begin to incorporate the principles of winning into your daily regimen. You may feel beaten thus far; however, from this moment forward 

You Are a Winner! Say It! See It! Believe It! Be It!

~Darlene A. Anderson, Not Without A Fight

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